Clear Vision Without Surgery, Glasses or Soft Contact Lenses
Imagine having clear vision without the need for surgery, glasses or soft contact lenses. Orthokeratology is a non-invasive treatment used to correct myopia (short sightedness) and hyperopia (long sightedness). This is achieved by wearing a specially designed contact lens while you sleep which temporarily reshapes the cornea (front of the eye). The result is clear vision for the day without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Orthokeratology has been around for a long time however it has not been until the last decade that Ortho-K lenses have been designed in a way to make predictable and controlled changes on the corneal surface. Orthokeratology is safe, reliable and a viable alternative to glasses, soft contact lenses and laser eye surgery. It is also a proven method for slowing down myopia progression.

How it works?

Orthokeratology works by wearing a specially designed rigid gas permeable lens overnight to reshape the cornea. The specially designed lens acts like a mould and shapes the central part of the cornea – temporarily changing the total power of the eye giving the wearer clear vision without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. When the Ortho-K lens is not worn the epithelial cells slowly start move back to their normal position – this is called regression. Regression is a slow process and the rates of regression will vary from each individual however despite the effects of regression the induced changes with Orthokeratology usually last the wearer for most, if not all of the waking day.

Why should you consider Orthokeratology?
Traditonally, glasses and disposable contact lenses have been used to correct your vision. Glasses, however, limit us from living certain lifestyles. Soft contact lenses work great, but for some wearers they can cause irritation, discomfort and allergies. Refractive surgery is an invasive and expensive procedure. Orthokeratology gives us an alternative to soft contact lenses and refractive surgery. For children, teenagers and young adults, Orthokeratology can also be used as a way to slow down any further progression of myopia (short-sightedness). For adults who are becoming more hyperopic, Orthokeratology can allow you to be free from glasses again.

You should consider Orthokeratology if:

Want to be free from glasses or soft contact lenses during the day
You suffer from dry or itchy when wearing soft contact lenses
Have increasing myopia (short-sightedness)
Are anxious about refractive laser surgery and want an alternative to glasses and contact lenses
Are annoyed with needing glasses as you are becoming more hyperopic (long-sighted)
Your occupation makes soft lenses difficult eg. professional sportsmen, policemen, firemen, office workers

Ortho-K contact lenses are a safe and viable method of correcting vision and the risks of wearing the lenses are no greater than wearing soft contact lenses. Unfortunately for some wearers, soft contact lenses can cause a few undesired symptoms. They can bind and accumulate debris, protein and micro-organisms which cause infections or allergic responses. Wearing contact lenses in air conditioned environments can often cause drying of the eyes. Unfortunately not all contact lens wearers have a comfortable experience and this effects their lifestyle. Orthokeratology eliminates many of the problems associated with soft contact lens wear because the Orthokeratology lenses only need to be worn at night. If you live an active lifestyle or work in an environment where wearing soft contact lenses are not a viable option, such as places exposed to dust and dirt, or in an office where the air conditioning dries out your lenses. Ortho-k may be the best solution. As an example, occupations as; office workers, policemen, firemen, professional sportsmen and divers may benefit from Orthokeratology over traditional soft lenses.

The lower the degree the faster the effect of Orthokeratology treatment. Only after a single overnight wear of the lenses creates about 75% of the desired effect. After 1 week of wear you have the fully desired effect.
Ortho-K lenses are more comfortable then traditional rigid gas permeable lenses (hard lenses). This is because they are larger than RGP’s and they are worn with the eyes closed. Most people have no difficulties sleeping and adapting to them.
Lenses are used on children to stop the progression of myopia, cease further elongation of their eyeball. Larger eyeballs have higher degrees of myopia and in turn, have greater risks of thinning and stretching of the retina. Thin and stretched retinas have higher risks of retinal detachments.
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Am I suitable for Orthokeratology?
Orthokeratology sounds exciting, but will it work for you? Recent advancements have made Orthokeratology suitable for people who are myopic (short-sighted), hyperopic (long-sighted) and with astigmatism!

Click here to see if you are suitable or not, if it’s comfortable and whether Orthokeratology or Refractive Surgery is a better option!

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